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A trip unlike any other - How to plan a multi-generational holiday

Three or even four generations on a scenic adventure, exploring coastlines, the bush or the open roads is a daydream for many.

Multi-generational family trips first emerged as a major travel trend nine years ago when boomers began bringing their families along on their post-retirement holidays. This style of holidaying fell out of fashion in the following years but post pandemic, multi-generational holidays are once again on the rise.

Whether your family this summer plans to visit exotic far flung parts of the world or explore Mzansi’s treasure trove of splendid destinations, like our Kruger National Park hotel, be inspired by our tips in planning a trip everyone will enjoy.

Begin planning well ahead of time

We all know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” That could not be truer when it comes to organising a getaway with a group of people ranging in different stages of life, says Watson. School holiday calendars, work leave days, ideal weather for your activities and factoring other important events during the year are all aspects to consider when going about creating an itinerary that is feasible. You may choose to use the services of a professional travel agent to make this process easier or designate the role to the most organised of your family members. Either way it’s best to plan at least six months ahead of the trip.


Decide on an ideal trip

A rejuvenating, intimate spa getaway is best suited for a couple and an action-packed holiday might be appropriate for a family with younger children. However, this is an adventure unlike any other – one where you have to factor in how the trip will appeal to all ages and needs.

In a multi-generational trip, a family could have young children or perhaps a grandparent with limited mobility, and of course you want everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Opt for trips that you know will excite everyone. A safari holiday, for example, will appeal to the adults who want to unwind in nature, and the children will benefit from learning about South Africa’s world-famous wildlife. Safaris are also popular multi-generational trip destinations as many hope to see endangered species in South Africa or rare birds in the bush.

Activities for everyone

Consider what kind of activities will be appropriate and fun for everyone in the family. Tweens might not love wine farm tours, and perhaps granny won’t be enthusiastic about roller coaster rides so take into consideration that the trip’s activities will have to be age-appropriate and suited to your family dynamic. Some families are avid foodies and their holiday might revolve around which restaurants to book, whereas others could be history buffs who want cultural activities surrounding museums or guided tours.

Our hotel offers exciting activity options for the whole family such as a swimming pool, a putt putt course, a giant outdoor chess board, a volleyball and tennis court, our safaris and the African-inspired spa.

Separate or alone time is okay

You don’t need to spend every minute of the holiday together. Sometimes a moment to ourselves is essential – a holiday is a holiday after all! Taking some time out to read your book, having a relaxing Kruger Gate Hotel spa treatment in the wild or indulging in an afternoon nap is part of the holiday experience. Perhaps everyone could agree to a designated time for the group to do something for themselves each day.

Road trip transportation

Families that love setting off on the open road are spoilt for choice with the scenic options our country has. However, if the whole family is joining the ride make sure to check the comfort of the seats if you’re booking a rental car. Take into account space for luggage and items like baby car seats, and that there’s enough leg room as you could spend hours in the car on your road trip.