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Bird parties and predator stand-offs

Many people think of a safari experience as the chance to see a lion, a leopard, a rhino, a buffalo and an elephant in the wild. 

But focusing exclusively on ticking off the Big 5 one by one can blind you to the very best of safari experiences which highlight the myriad of fascinating interactions that go on in the wilderness.

Yes, it is undeniably thrilling to cross paths with a mighty male Lion living free in the Kruger National Park. But it’s even better if there’s one of its rowdy cubs batting away at its black-tufted tail or if its charging at Whitebacked Vultures to get them away from its kill. This underscores that African safari experiences immerse you in the real lives of the magnificent wildlife of the African bush and by going on a Kruger safari you have the rare and life-enriching opportunity to bear witness in real-time to the intrigues of the natural world.

Every day, Kruger Gate Hotel guests adventure into the Park on morning, afternoon and all-day safari game drives. We know by the stories that are told around the fire at night that their most cherished memories are most often those where they saw animal behaviours and interactions that were funny, cute and relatable or exciting, tense and dramatic or simply fascinating because they learnt something new about how life works.

You might encounter a ‘bird party’ which happens when a bunch of different bird species freely associate and forage together. You might see a stand-off between Wild Dogs and Spotted Hyenas across the carcass of an Impala. You might come across a family Banded Mongooses trailing along a dry riverbed with bunch of fussy Swainson’s Francolins as their companions.

Nature is full of endless wonder and getting the most out of your Kruger safari means being open and curious about everything you see.