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Endangered Species To See in the Kruger

Kruger National Park Endangered Species

Even though there are a lot of animals in the Kruger National Park, some are more rare than others. And although endangered species of animals may be found all across the globe, South Africa also has several of them. Poaching is still a concern, so numbers are declining.

As you may know, rhinos are now among the most endangered species in South Africa. You may be surprised to learn that, when driving through Kruger Park, you could see other weaker animals as well. Aside from being a wonderful experience, seeing an endangered species serves as a reminder that we all have a responsibility to be concerned about these creatures. If they are not taken care of, younger generations will only be able to see them in photographs.

The African Wild Dog

There are only four surviving populations remaining in Africa, one of which is in the Kruger National Park. The African wild dog is one of the most critically endangered species in the Kruger National Park. This and the fact that they are nomadic make it hard to predict their movements.

Not too long ago, the wild dog lived in most of sub-Saharan Africa, except for the rainforests and deserts. Today they are extinct in most countries in Central and West Africa, and they only live in a few places in the East and South where there aren’t many people.

Wild dogs can be found in South Africa’s Kruger National Park near Phalaborwa Gate, Tshokwane, Skukuza, and the area south of Afsaal. With only 450 to 500 wild dogs living in the Kruger, count yourself lucky if you happen upon a pack.

The Black Rhino

The black rhino is another endangered species that can be found in the Kruger National Park. There are now 4 838 highly endangered black species estimated to be living in the wild, thanks to several conservation initiatives.

Since 1960, the number of the species has reportedly decreased by 97.6%. The early fall of the black rhino population is the result of European hunters. 65 000 black rhinos remained in the world as of 1970.

Unfortunately, the rhinos of Africa are increasingly at risk due to the skyrocketing rhino horn trade in the East, where rhino horn is believed to be an aphrodisiac and vitality booster. Despite continued conservation efforts and popular opinion against the trade of rhino horn, the trade won’t end unless Eastern views alter. The major danger to the black rhino species is still poaching, although numbers are rebounding as a result of the rigorous protection.

Do Your Part to Support Conservation

A trip to the Kruger National Park is much more than a holiday, it is a way to support critical conservation efforts by spreading awareness and funding conservation efforts.

At Kruger Gate Hotel, we are passionate about and committed to the conservation of our country’s diverse wildlife. Join us on a Kruger Big 5 Safari for a once in a lifetime chance to see Kruger National Park endangered species rarely encountered elsewhere.