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Morning, Noon, Sundowners & After Dark at our Pool Bar & Viewing Deck

Some might say that the best feature of our location is the mere one-minute drive from our Hotel to the Paul Kruger Gate with its safe, easy access into the southern region of the Park. However, chances are most guests will tell you that they love our location most of all for the Pool Bar & Viewing Deck

We’re fortunate to have a unique and exclusive vantage right on the western bank of the iconic Sabie River. From the Pool Bar & Viewing Deck you have endless vistas into the Kruger, which means you can watch wildlife coming down to the river while floating on your back in the infinity pool or having dinner in a private pod overlooking the riverbed. It’s the essence of an extraordinary Kruger experience.

Here are some of the ways our guests make the most of the Pool Bar & Viewing Deck:


If you’re regular watcher of the dawn or simply find yourself waking early, you’ll have a serene start to a beautiful day on the pool deck. It’s the ideal opportunity for some quiet me-time, a moment to journal, meditate or simply immerse yourself in nature, senses alive, as the bushveld awakens around you. The fresh morning air fills with birdsong, an extraordinary dawn symphony featuring the harmonic talents of the Redchested Cuckoo, the Emeraldspotted Wood Dove, the Gorgeous Bush Shrike, the Blackheaded Oriole and many others. If you’re lucky you may also spot game as the herds begin to stir. As the sun rises, the sky lightens and fills with hues of pink, orange and gold. Our service at the Pool Bar begins at 7:00 AM so you can enjoy morning coffee or tea before you head out for the day’s adventures.


After an exhilarating morning game drive, you return to the hotel around midday when the sun is high. Cool off in the sparkling infinity pool with its stunning views over the Sabie River. Your game-watching is hardly over for the day as you may be treated to the spectacle of an elephant family enjoying a dip and mud bath just meters away from where you are lounging. Shaded by towering Jackalberry and Acacia trees, the Pool Bar is a comfortable oasis providing the chance to beat the heat and enjoy a light and fresh alfresco lunch. There’s a choice of handcrafted pizzas from our wood-fired oven, cool-crisp salads, gourmet burgers, sandwiches and sharing platters. It’s the ideal way to refresh body, mind and spirit while replenishing your energy before the afternoon safari adventure.


Guests enjoy gathering at Pool Bar & Viewing Deck at the end of the day too. It’s a popular spot for sundowners where you can enjoy the restful views into Kruger while relishing a cold beer, a chilled glass of delicious South African wine or one of our signature cocktails. Chances are there will be animals coming down to the river for their quiet drink before night falls. Overhead, birds fly home, making their way to their roosting sites in the surrounding riverine woodland. Here, you can find an inspiring spot to create the day’s IG reels or if you’re feeling sociable, share your safari stories in-person with those around you.

After Dark

The viewing deck features a selection of well-appointed pods overlooking the Sabie River. If you are celebrating a special occasion with us or enjoying a romantic getaway you may want to book a candle-lit private dinner here. There’s a choice of dining from the buffet style Lapa restaurant or ordering from our à la carte menu. It’s an enchanting experience under a star-lit sky that will take your breath away. From across the river, you’ll hear the captivating night-time chorus – from the mournful whip-poor-will call of the Fierynecked Nightjars and gentle back-and-forth hooting of Spotted Eagle Owls to the yelping of Blackbacked Jackals and whooping of Spotted Hyenas. Under the dazzling velvet sky, everything comes together perfectly for a special evening that will remain etched in your memory forever.