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School Holidays: Why you should get your kids into the bush

As adults, many of our best memories ever go back to family holidays when we were children. As parents, we have to ask ourselves: Are our children getting the same opportunities to make the kind memories they will cherish for a lifetime?

Leaving home, work and school routines behind and setting off to enjoy new places and new experiences brings families together in a completely different way. Exploring together and trying out new things is not just about having fun, it brings us closer and deepens family bonds.

When it comes to family holiday destinations, there’s a widespread belief that every South African child should get the chance to experience our iconic Kruger National Park. The thrill and awe of seeing your first lion or elephant in the beauty of the untamed wilderness is one of those memories that you will never forget. It’s a world away from rigid schedules, information overload and too much screen-time.

Taking your children on a Kruger Park safari holiday offers a unique and transformative experience that goes beyond a mere holiday. From fostering a deep connection to nature to instilling a lifelong appreciation for the environment, a safari provides a myriad of benefits for the entire family.

Igniting curiosity and learning

The educational value of a safari is immeasurable. Children have the chance to learn about an array of animals and plants in their pristine habitats, gaining real-world insights that no textbook or TV documentary can match. The thrill of spotting a Red-billed Oxpecker on the long neck of a graceful giraffe becomes a living lesson in biology, ecology, and conservation.

Fostering care for the environment

Experiencing a Kruger safari holiday contributes to children’s development of a lifelong care for nature and the planet. Children who experience the wonders of the wild first-hand are more likely to grow into responsible stewards of the environment, understanding the importance of conservation and sustainable living.

Focusing on being outdoors

The health benefits of spending time outdoors are well-documented, and a Kruger Park safari holiday offers the ideal escape from sedentary lifestyles and excessive screen time. Fresh air, physical activity, and immersion in nature contribute to improved mental well-being, fostering a sense of calm and reducing stress.

Experiencing shared joys

The thrill of an open-vehicle game drive, the excitement of spotting wildlife, marvelling together at the raw beauty of the natural world and the awe-inspiring intricacies of the web of life are all part of a treasure trove of shared safari experiences that bind families together.

To make the most of your Kruger Park safari with children, consider the following ideas:

  • Equip your children with field guides and binoculars to enhance their wildlife observation and bird-watching skills and deepen their understanding of the environment.
  • Bring along disposable cameras to allow your children to capture their safari moments, fostering creativity and creating a tangible record of their experiences.
  • Choose Kruger Gate’s morning, afternoon and all-day guided safaris in open vehicles with experienced rangers who can share valuable insights and enhance the educational aspect of your safari.
  • Wildlife encounters are unpredictable, so approach the safari with patience and flexibility, allowing your children to appreciate the spontaneity of nature. You can opt for a private guided safari for more flexibility for your family.
  • Take the opportunity of being immersed in the bush to educate your children about the importance of conservation, emphasizing the role we can all play in the efforts to preserve the beauty of our planet for future generations.